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Here's an introduction to the members of our band.  There is over 100 years combined stage experience among our five members and you can get to know a little more about each one of us below...
Chuck Tidwell - Guitars & Vocals
Jerry Phillips - Guitar & Vocals
Phil Holmes - Bass Guitar & Vocals
Phil Holmes has a total of 15 years on the road playing every state west of the Mississippi River and New Jersey on the other side. Working Reno, Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe, Beverly Hills (LA)… first class showrooms all over the mid-west, southwest, & Northwest. He returned to the Southwest after 20 years in the Sacramento area where he played with the Apollo's (Lovato Bros) Longshot Band backing and working with renowned studio and stage Musicians. Previous stage experience with Phyllis Diller, Morey Amsterdam, Charlie Pride, Gloria Loring, Skiles and Henderson, & The Brothers Four to name a few. He rejoined the Cads after a hiatus... Previous 'Cad' member for some 7 years. Currently doing Studio bass and vocal harmonies for many local recording artists. Known as a "single take" contributor to countless Country, Blues, and Jazz Artists.
Chuck Tidwell plays guitar and sings quite a few songs on the Cads versatile list of tunes. He sings a lot of Willie Nelson tunes because, well… he not only looks a lot like Willie, but he can mimic Willie's voice as well! Chuck's versatility is evident every time we play as he can switch from Jerry Reed style "chicken pickin" country guitar to Billy Gibbons style rock guitar in a flash. He plays with feeling, finesse and when necessary, a stylish flair that will knock your socks off!! Watch for Chuck to change from electric guitar, to acoustic guitar, to banjo and even a harmonica now and then. You will enjoy everything Chuck contributes to the overall sound of the Cadillac Kings… we sure do!!
Jerry Phillips plays rhythm guitar and sings the other 60% of the Cadillac Kings repertoire. He not only plays rhythm guitar and sings, but you may even catch him laying down a smooth back-beat on drums too. Jerry likes to play "wireless" - meaning he is not tied to the stage with a bunch of cables or a microphone on a stand. No indeed!! He is mobile and can drop down off the stage to interact with our listening and dancing patrons. So don't be surprised if he walks off the stage and sits down at your table, or join in with you on the dance floor, all while playing and singing without dropping a beat!! You will be impressed with Jerry's vocal prowess and genre versatility which audiences rave about no matter where we perform.
Steve G began playing drums at age of 9 after attending a Charlie Pride concert with his parents. The first two albums in his collection were The Beatles '65 and Buck Owens Live, so he feels equally comfortable playing both Rock and Country music. After high school and college, Steve was fortunate to tour with Julio Iglesias, Santana, Alice Cooper and George Strait as a stage lighting tech. Even though he spent quite a few years on the road, Steve was able to "keep his chops" on drums and having hit things with sticks for so many years, he has had the pleasure to play many different styles of music with some of the best.  Steve keeps the beat, maintains the rhythm, and provides the back-bone to the Cad's music.  When asked, "Why do you play drums?" Steve replies, "Mostly, I just love to play." 
Steve Gabaldon - Drums & Percussion